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Moppets Secret Doll House

My actual childhood toy, circa 1981.

Moppets Secret Doll House is a toy made by Knickerbocker. I believe I received this in 1981 for Christmas.

This toy was one of my most prized. I kept it only in my bedroom. I do remember that I always put Moppet’s shoes in her TV drawer when I was done playing. After years of being packed away, when I took this out, the shoes were still in the drawer. I also named the doll “Muppet.” My niece Morgan plays with this when she comes to visit. And, she always remembers to put the shoes back in the drawer.

(scroll down for more photos)


Missing accessories: blanket, 1 plate, pizza, and 2 cups. I am hoping that some of the missing accessories are with my Barbie collection.

Accessories I do still have:

Moppet doll with her pink/blue dress, white tights, and shoes.
2 Additional outfits (pj’s and pink dress), plus 3 hangers.
Complete “house” with all decals still in place.
Large over-skirt that covers the “house”.
Furniture: bean bag chair; side table; pop-in shelving that divides the kitchen and living area.
Swing-out” furniture (oven, TV, & mirror).
Built-in furniture (fireplace, dressing area drawer, & bed with shelf).
Accessories: lamp, alarm clock, phone, 1 plate, pillow, comb, & brush.


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  1. So cute! How old were you when you played with this?

  2. I didn’t have this one, but I totally remember playing with one at a friend’s house and wishing I had my own!

  3. I still have mine!

  4. My daughter had one when she was little, I do not know what ever happened to it. Was trying to find another one for her to give as a gift.

  5. Hi … I wanted to say that this was my favorite toy. Would you happen to know who might be selling one?

  6. I worked for Kinckerbocker back in the mid 70’s as a 16 year old on the assembly line for this very product. I put the lid on the box it came in, then put the box in a shipping box that contained 12 boxes. When full, the shipping box would be placed on a skid until we reached 30 boxes. Then the skid would be put on a truck and sent to stores. Knickerbocker was in Middlesex NJ. Horrible job.


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